The Outdoor Kitchen is the “heart” of the Outdoor room and a key component in Outdoor entertaining and leisure. Your outdoor kitchen addition should be well thought out. What will be the typical usage? How many people will use it on a regular basis? When entertaining guest, how many people will you need to feed? Having the right grill and appliances is essential to getting optimal use and enjoyment out of your outdoor kitchen space. Please see the descriptions below of out Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages.


Built for value and utility with room for adding onto later. The Silver Package is a great way to start enjoying an outdoor kitchen without breaking your bank while giving you the flexibility to upgrade* in the future.

  • Cooking, Preparation and Storage space standard features.
  • Refrigerators equipped in large L and U Shapes


Offers value, upgraded features and overall best bang for the buck by providing more cooking, storage and refrigeration spaces. The Gold package is designed to be fully expandable down the road.

  • Cooking, Refrigeration Preparation and Storage Space standard.
  • Multiple Cooking surfaces
  • Additional Storage equipped in larger S. L and U Shapes


Offers all the bells and whistles of a custom outdoor kitchen without the custom price. The Platinum Package is designed to optimize the outdoor kitchen island/bar space for  functionality and enjoyment.

  • Cooking, Refrigeration Preparation and Storage Space standard features.
  • Multiple Cooking Surfaces
  • Additional Storage equipped in larger S.L and U shapes.

About Coyote Outdoor Living

Coyote Outdoor Living passion for design, Value and the outdoor lifestyle is demonstrated in our outdoor culinary and entertainment products. All of our grills are built with premium grade 304 stainless steel throughout and have features such as a double-walled stainless steel hoods, cast stainless steel burners and zinc nickel alloy knobs. We are proud to offer durable products at a great value so we can enable all outdoor chefs and enthusiast to build the outdoor kitchen of their dreams.

C-Series Grills

Coyote Outdoor Living’s C-Series grills are built to suit grillers of all types. Measuring a compact 28”, Coyote’s C1C28 model is the ideal appliance for small spaces, urban living and unparalleled convenience and portability (see our pre-assembled cart 28” cart model). For homeowners with more space, Coyote’s C2C36 is a terrific option, providing an ample 875 sq. in. of grilling space and featuring four high performance Coyote cast stainless steel Infinity Burners™. All of our C-Series grills come standard with interior lighting for day or nighttime outdoor culinary pursuits.

S-Series Grills

All Coyote S-Series grills feature all 304 stainless steel construction and each finished by hand. Every S-Series grill features Coyote’s unique cooking system including: high performance Infinity Burners™, ceramic briquette heat control grids for even heat distribution, a custom shaped firebox to optimize heat flow, and independent spark ignition. Additionally, Coyote S-Series grills feature interior grill lighting as well as backlit control knobs. The S-Series grills don’t compromise, and neither should you.

Hybrid Grills

Specialty Burners


For some, entertaining capability is the true centerpiece to their outdoor living space. Coyote Outdoor Living offers a one-stop-shop to supply the ultimate outdoor entertainer – including a full refreshment center complete with cooler, sink, condiment tray, cutting board, towel holder, and bottle opener. Keeping your drinks cold and your food fresh is no problem for Coyote Outdoor Living’s outdoor refrigeration products. Coyote’s Outdoor Refrigerator performs as great as it looks. Having a refrigerator as part of your space can also reduce the need to go back and forth from an indoor kitchen – meaning more time to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends. Prefer to keep your wine and oysters on ice? Coyote’s Drop-In Cooler or full extension Pull- Out Cooler are ideal with built-in drains for easy cleanup.


More than ever before, families and friends are taking to the outdoors to live life to the fullest. The heart of the home for many is moving from the indoor kitchen to the outdoor kitchen. Coyote Outdoor Living is passionate about being a part of that journey with you. Your outdoor kitchen is meant to be a reflection of your personal tastes, and can be complete with consistently designed access doors and storage solutions. Coyote Outdoor Living produces a broad range of storage and cabinet solutions to make your customized space the perfect marriage of form and function. There are many options to choose from, providing your long-lasting investment with additional value to both your living experience and your property itself.